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About Me


It is a courageous step to take in your life, in your relationships, in your mental health to explore change and seek therapy.  

I understand that it is not easy to make that choice, to say “I want to create something different than what I’ve been creating.” Together we can navigate a new path, see solutions instead of problems, create growth and movement instead of just getting by.

Areas I can help you focus on to become more resources, more skilled, include:

·       Addiction, including complex additions such as, gambling, sex, shopping, food, porn, internet.

·       Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Attacks.

·       Depression, Post-Partum Depression.

·       Low self-esteem,

·       Challenges with work-life-balance.

·       Family issue, I specialize in family conflict around addiction.


I invite you to invest in yourself, and in the transformational process of therapy.

My approach is eclectic with a focus on: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Psycho-educational, Person Centered Therapy and Non-Violent Communication.

I am mindful about creating a safe space. I am your professional secrete keeper, your private place, free of judgment. Therapy is not giving you advise, therapy is empowering you to guide yourself to your own wisdom and sitting beside you during times of success and times of struggle and sadness.

I work with capable and driven adults who are willing to do some deep work, practice self-reflection and tap into their core truths.

What you can expect through my therapeutic approach

I believe people come into therapy at different stage of change. We process your stages of change, work through any ambivalence and address any fears and self-sabotaging behaviors. 

I practice out of two locations and clinics

Reed Psychological Services/The Recovery Clinic (Weekdays and some evenings) located 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. (Bordering Saint Louis Park and Golden Valley)

9800 Shelard Pkwy.

Suite 110

Plymouth, MN 55


Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy and Wellness  (Every other Saturday) 

621 West Lake Street. suite 350 

Minneapolis MN 55408.

I have been in the field of addiction and mental health for 20 years, and  in private practice since 2003.  I have a master degree in Counseling Psychology, bachelor degree in Forensic Psychology, specialization Forensic and the law, and a degree in Addiction Counseling. The relationship between therapist and client is very important, therefore I offer a brief phone consultation to see if we would be a good fit to work together and to answer any questions. 

Therapy, Counseling

Therapy, Mental Health Awareness, Counseling

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Therapy, Therapist, Couples Therapy, Addiction Counselor, Therapist in Minneapolis