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Location: South Minneapolis:  (Linden Hills Area) 

Call to register and for specific location.  612-250-5936

                                                                           Narrative Therapy Workshop

WE all have story

workshops, therapy groups

Narrative Therapy allows you to process your story and unfold your narrative and process your truth through a different lens. 

In, Writing Your Story, I help you see thought patterns and behaviors that are integrated in maladaptive choices.  Breaking these patterns apart, will allow you the insight to make different choices.                    Re-Write YOUR Story. !!!

workshops, therapy groups

This workshops is experiential:  

a mix of information sharing, discussion, writing (you will not be asked to share anything in the group). I will explain what Narrative Therapy is and how it can offer you the opportunity to make some positive moment into your life.  Our narratives are very powerful.  Invest in your stories, your words and your language. 

This workshop duration is  2 hours.  1 1/2 hours is informational, processing, writing, breaking down the narratives, re-wrting our endings. The last 1/2 hour is questions and closure. You can schedule additional time with me to go more in-depth into your story/stores.

Please be willing to do some interpersonal reflection.  As much as I want to have fun, sometimes these activities can bring up difficult feelings.  This is not a therapy session OR a psychotherapy group.   If you are feeling emotionally raw or newly into therapy  this might not be the right  time to attend this workshop.  This requires one to have some self- regulation skills.  Feel free to call me and ask questions, to make sure this is a good fit for you. 

Space is limited.  Please register by 10/13/2018.

Call 612-250-5936 to register.

                                                                     I would love to hear your story !!!!

workshops. Narrative Therapy

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Therapy, Therapist, Couples Therapy, Addiction Counselor, Therapist in Minneapolis