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Chemical Health Evaluations

Chemical Health Evaluation

         ~Addiction Support Services:

        Chemical Health Evaluation, (Rule 25 assessment).   

A Chemical Health Evaluation is an assessment tool used to determine if one has or does not have a diagnosis of Substance Use Disorder. The length of the assessment is typically 1-2 hours.  It is common to include information from 1-2 collateral contacts.

It is very important to obtain an assessment from a private clinician versus a treatment center, to avoid any conflict of interest.

Chemical Health Evals are a fee-for-service, which means I don’t accept insurance.  I recommend private pay for your evaluation unless you feel you need treatment and will be utilizing your insurance. This allows you privacy and control over your medical records.  I will give you a receipt and you may submit your payment receipt for possible reimbursement.  

My evals are $200.00, due at the time of service.  (Cash, Credit/Debit Card) 

Presentations and Psycho-Educational Workshops 

Parents, Schools, Colleges, Workplace Environment, etc. Please call to share what the concerns are and what you need, regarding information and presentation outcome expectancies.

A suggested fee agreement will be negotiated once a presentation plan is in place. 

My Past CEU Presentations:

DMS-IV TR: diagnosing and older adults.  

Understanding Wernicke encephalopathy and Korsakoff Syndrome and addiction.

Families and Addiction. 

Addiction and The Brain.

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Therapy, Therapist, Couples Therapy, Addiction Counselor, Therapist in Minneapolis