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Chemical Health Evaluations

Mobile Chemical Health Evaluation.  Also, called Rule 25 assessment.  

A Chemical Health Evaluation is an assessment tool used to determine if one has or does not have a diagnosis of Substance Abuse Disorder.  The length of the assessment is typically 1-2 hours. Rule 25 assessments tend to last  2 hours.  It is common and often times probation requires the eval to include information from 1 -2 collateral contacts.   A collateral contact is a person you choose to allow me to ask a few questions regarding concerns he or she may have about you. 

Chemical Health Evaluations are only structured to diagnosis substance abuse disorders, not mental health disorders. 

(A Diagnosis Assessment (DA) is an assessment that determine a mental health diagnosis. You may or may not know which assessment you need, I can help you figure that out.) 

There could be a number of reasons one would be required to complete a Chemical Health Assessment:

Chemical Health Evaluation

1. DWI

2. Possession Charge

3. Divorce/Custody 

4. Personal Reasons, questioning use, amount and frequency

5. Family/Friends have concerns 

It is very important to obtain an assessment from a private clinician versus a treatment center.  Treatment centers may pose a conflict of interest as the recommendations that are made could include additional treatment that may not be necessary.   

Chemical Health Evals are a fee-for-service therapy services, which means I don’t accept insurance.  

My evals are $200.00, due at the time of service.  (Cash, Credit/Debit Card) 

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